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Home owners, attend the monthly Home Owners Association meetings to hear the latest news on improvements to your community. Visit the calendar for dates and times.


We continue to replace some of the older landscape with new drought resistent plants. Additionally, in an effort to save water we will be discontinuing all sprinklers under staircases and staircase landings.

We have an ongoing effort to control termite and rat infestations. Rats have been a considerable problem for San Diego in general this year and us as well. Reminder To All Owners: Make sure you are keeping all trash in proper receptacles and not leaving it sitting around on patios, balconies, etc.

Keeping trash picked up and a general cleanliness through the community will help with any type of pests. This has been a constant problem and will be closely monitored for compliance with the Rules and Regulations with citations issued.

PLEASE USE THE Two designated areas that have been created for pet owners’ convenience. It is the responsibility of each pet owner to adhere to Blossom Walk’s Rules and Regulations, as well as the city’s leash laws. Effective as of the New Year is a $150.00 fine assessment to all owners/residents who curb their dog(s) in any area other than the designated ‘Dog Run’ areas. Look for a map soon to indicate where these areas are located.

RULES & REGULATIONS – All owners should have a copy of the updated
Rules and Regulations. If you need a copy, please contact any board member, ‘blossomwalk.net’ website.

Everybody is expected to abide by the Rules & Regulations.

Property Manager / John Grondona / jg_sdca@yahoo.com

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